Please indicate the value of the desired property

Purchase price :

Please indicate the amounts from savings, donation, inheritance, life insurance 3A & 3B, 3rd bank pillar, land. This amount does not include notary fees.

Cash :

(exclusive of purchase costs)
Please indicate the proportion of equity capital from the pension fund.

As soon as the equity contribution reaches 20% of the purchase price, the BVG withdrawal is no longer necessary.


(exclusive of tax)
Minimum gross necessary income represented as three colours:
Green : Financing at the best conditions
Yellow : Financing possible under certain conditions
Red : Financing impossible

necessary :

1st and 2nd rank mortgage value

Mortgage :

Negotiated interest rates based on term and current market conditions

Rates :


Monthly costs

Date of calculation : jeudi 25 février 2021
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Interests : CHF .-
Amortization : CHF .-
Interview : CHF .-

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